Ios Greece 2014

The summer season of 2014 in drawing closer each day. Tourist start to arrive during the end of May and in June the nightlife is coming alive. June features one of the best parties of year. The traditional Midsummer party. The fun starts in the village before noon and then continues down at Mylopotas Beach in the afternoon.


The nightlife gets even more intense during July and August when the island of Ios is invaded by young tourists seeking a good party holiday in Greece. At that time the party is almost going on around the clock.


Ios is a very beautiful island and has a lot more to offer than only its nightlife. Come for its beautiful views and amazing old town were you can walk among the narrow streets and enjoy the morning quiet of a traditional Greek island.


Ios also has some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Some are popular and overcrowded during the summer months, like Mylpotas Beach. But many others are secluded and mostly empty even at the hight of the season. So you can find a beach all to yourself if you are prepared to do a little traveling by car or motorbike.


Ios has many fine traditional Greek restaurants were you sample the Greek cuisine. The island also has many other restaurants catering to the tastes of different tourists preferences. If you for some reason prefer to eat Italian food when in Greece then you will find many Italian restaurants on the island. But why you like to do that is above my understanding.


Everybody is welcome to Ios Greece. And I hope you will have a great holiday in the Mediterranean sea if you decide to visit this Greek island in the sun.

6 Feb 2014